How I Cold Emailed My Way Onto 27 of the Top Sales Podcasts

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One of the big challenges we have sales people is really building social proof in utilizing correctly to either get a meeting with an important prospect or to close a deal in a lot of US including ourselves up until very recently because we've made a big push to get podcast and really increase increase social proof are in a position where maybe very few people in your industry no of you so into reaching out to a prospect that may have never heard of you before they may have heard of your company but they're not quite sure who you you are and hopping sales call with a prospect especially as it can be. Kinda tough if they've never heard of you prior to you sending a cold email to them Andy Mandarin. We're GONNA have any relevant case studies for their industry. One of the ways that we overcame this challenge was for prospecting was making a really big push to hop on on more podcasts specifically sales to podcasts and if you're wondering we'll hate jason run a business. How is this going to help me sales people you can hop on podcasts as well-made. Scott's podcast podcast where he interviews top one percent sales people is a really good example of that and if you're in sales getting on a podcast of being able to share that interview especially really if you're talking about something maybe not sales related and more about something in your industry can really bring in some credible industry expertise as well and it's a really great wave for prospects to learn about you that are proactive about finding solutions to the problems but also as something that you can share in a follow up after a sales call so that they can listen to you it again. It's social proof the here you WANNA platform so it's a really good way to offer extra value and get in front of people that may or may not have heard view before so let we tell you a quick story because we've read a big Lincoln Post on this. That's linked in the show notes. I definitely recommend you check out but we were able to get on twenty seven of the top sales podcast in in the last eight months and I got on all of these including Scott's for this this opportunity just through through emails so the big thing that we did when we got started and where where you want to start with this. Is You want some social proof to get on the PODCASTS. I'm GonNa talk a lot about social proof. In this episode. You want to get a couple podcasts under your belt so so that you have something to share when you reach out to these other ones so the way we started is I just asked around on our network and I knew a couple of podcasters and I said Hey can we hop up on your podcast and I'd like to talk about something. I think it'd be really valuable for your audience and I had a friend Bras and another friend list in they helped me get on their podcasts and I could been linked to those in other emails when reaching out to other ones so this is what really helped to get that initial social proof to share with bigger podcasts like you know seller dive on recently with Jeffrey Dahmer make. It Happen Mondays with John Barrows and a few other those if I didn't have social proof I wouldn't have been able to get on so step number one build that initial social proof get on some podcast uncast again. Check out that Lincoln Post. It's a really in depth guide to not only how we did it but how you can also do it as well. Step number. Two is finding podcasts so again. Scott has actually put together an awesome list on the site detailing enlisting on all the top sales podcasts. That's a great place to start and where and we'd take it. A step further other is going in and qualifying some of these. You're going to build an countless different than if you're prospecting for any other type of solution or offering is you're. GonNa come up with an account list of podcasts and you're gonNA come with qualifiers so what I recommend doing what we did was they had to have at least ten reviews on itunes a four star rating and they had to have released an episode within the last thirty days what I found out doing a lot of the sound reaches that a lot of people don't have active audiences because they don't post content consistently gently enough and if they don't have a lot of reviews that's usually an indication. There's not a lot of engagement on there. There's nothing wrong with getting on those podcasts to get started but I wouldn't make that it'd be part of your strategy. The next thing you're going to do is find the contact information and

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