Billy Bush to Return to Television Three Years After Trump Tape Fallout


Billy bush is got a new gig that's unfortunate he is going to be the new quite acre co anchor to the show extra extra he talked to Gayle king about the the acts as the access Hollywood tape the cause does so much stir in a ruined his career you know there was a tape everybody did I didn't well every everybody at the network yeah okay public didn't know everybody knew about the tape yeah when I was comfortable that the you know that it wasn't going to be weaponized. is that how you feel it was weaponized sure yeah I got taken out but I wasn't the target you know what's interesting about all of this let's go back who produced who had the apprentice on their network that would be the network of the national broadcasting company who is the one that came out against president trump using said take. said IT national broadcasting company it's interesting that in BC and in this is to defend from but I'm just saying this is where we get this false narrative of objectivity and concern and compassion and has take me to and everything else as soon as they heard that tape why did they turn it over to programming and say. you know if if there's a if there's so anti trump so to speak what and they turned it over to program say listen to what he is saying here why was that a problem I know news in programming or two different entities but I'm just saying given the the the caring and the objectifying of women and all these other things that the president has been accused of everything else why didn't programming use this way back when

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