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We also saw was last year at this time most of your murders are in that sort of north by northeast area this time was north northeast and then the media northwest what's going on with downtown on monument circle because rob Kendall and I talked about this yesterday to the beach body thing that's taking place as we can well known that I'm in favor of that site that gives a thumbs up from me but several to give him a standing ovation it feels like there's more of a police presence lately on monument circle when I leave here or from our parking garage animus communications usually around seven fifteen seven twenty each night there's a police car that is parked oblong on monument circle it's been that way every night didn't used to be that way forgot the window yesterday police officer spread out all over the circle has there been a big push to make the circle safer there has been there's been a bunch of my friends in the downtown merchants by the way if you're interested in sort of what goes on downtown on Facebook just trying to save the circle group I am the administrator of the bunch of us got tired of just you know vagrants things get completely out of control and so I am PDT by has stepped up their efforts and it's it's it's it's comprehensive and my admits that

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