Crackdown on immigrant families to start Sunday


Says this problem is not going away unless I think the solution is to address and look at the root cause why are so many people fleeing in Central America and Africa and Asia coming up through Mexico it's because they're refugees from climate crisis and economic crises that our country is directly contributing to such as cutting aid to Central America Edwin Carmona cruise says he believes ice began making arrests last Sunday the reason why we believe that ice has already started these operations is in part because of allies like you a community organizer is across the bay area I have made it logistically impossible for ice to do in math all of our community members in San Francisco about Butler KCBS one sanctuary city in the bay area taking a stand against the widely anticipated immigration crackdown KCBS is gentle lane reports from San Francisco city hall mayor London breed was surrounded by dozens of city leaders and immigrant advocates as she reiterated that San Francisco does not cooperate with immigration enforcement assemblyman David Chu jointer Mr trump and to the department that is coming after our families if you wanna come after them you're gonna have to come through all of us Marcellus bars overseas San Francisco's rapid response hotline for immigrants she said the word raid brings to mind what I say agents did during the last administration today ice's operations are a lot more covert they conduct extensive surveillance and wait outside of people's homes and wait for them to come out or to let them inside and then conduct collateral arrests and that is why people need to be prepared and know that they do not have to open the door that hotline has seen a steep increase in calls from immigrants wanting to know their rights just in the last few

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