Bahamas health minister says death toll in the islands has risen to 20 from Dorian, more fatalities expected


Wire hurricane Dorian is closing in on the Carolina coast top sustained winds now one hundred ten miles per hour effects are already being felt in Georgia south and North Carolina South Carolina governor Henry McMaster if you are still in an evacuation zone you still have time to get out the time to get out is running now Charleston could see the highest combined high tide and storm surge since hurricane Hugo thirty years ago and that could touch off flooding one storm related death has already been reported in North Carolina twenty people are known dead the death toll likely to rise in the Bahamas as search and rescue teams reach more the areas hit hard by hurricane Dorian Abaco island is the most badly damaged and there's also damage on grand Bahama prime minister Hubert Minnis says airports on both islands were damaged yeah as pilots not involved in the relief

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