News in Brief 6 September 2019

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This is the news in brief from the united nations in yemen. Lifesaving reproductive health care services for more than one million women are threatened. Thanks to severe funding shortages shortages the u._s. Population fund or u._n._f._p._a. said on friday according to the agency although donors made humanitarian pledges worth two point six billion dollars is in february less than half has been received every two hours a yemeni woman dies from complications of pregnancy and childbirth and another twenty suffer preventable injuries juries infections or disabilities u._n._f._p._a. executive director dr talia canham said that unless more funds found immediately women and their babies could be at risk risk by the end of august one hundred of the more than two hundred and sixty hospitals u._n._f._p._a. supports had closed. It says that another seventy five will shut by the end of this month. The closures will directly affect some six hundred and fifty thousand women and more than one million would be at risk if all facilities close. The agency has warned as the u. u._n. And other aid partners respond to huge humanitarian needs in the hurricane struck bahamas latest reports indicate that the death toll is likely to rise considerably way to date thirty people are confirmed to have died after hurricane dorian hit the islands of avocado and grand bahama last weekend with maximum wind speeds of two hundred ninety anti seven kilometers per hour. That's one hundred and eighty five miles an hour but the government says that thousands are still missing after the category five storm bought with a storm surge of eighteen to twenty three feet high or five point five to seven meters. Here's dr in norton who heads the world health emergency medical teams initiative speaking in geneva. We certainly expect the death toll to rise. I can't tell you what that will be but we're really worried about it. What we've seen unfortunately this devastating storm surge especially with a stationary storm produces what you could see maybe after saddam and what we don't see in those cases injuries are such we see unfortunately a lot of people drowned round and losing their lives or surviving latest information suggests that some seventy six thousand people are homeless on the worst hit islands tamale finally where a trial project is underway to help aid workers get a better understanding for the needs of communities vulnerable to escalating violence and extremists the initiative is run by archer gotcha the u._n.'s aid coordination wing it relies on a local individual going into villages and asking people what they want most here's became agnew who's been a community community mobilizer for archer in timbuktu for four months so when i'm talking with the people i feel that people learn something from me like when i'm asking them get information from them about what they need and make monthly report and give it to the office of timbuktu which are office of timbuktu an there to give a better response youth they ask for training and dedication the project comes amid attacks by armed groups and militias against both both government forces and the u._n. Peacekeepers in the center and the north of the country according to archer the number of people displaced in mali has doubled in the last year to nearly one hundred and seventy thousand daniel johnson u._n. News.

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