Capital One is sued over data breach in proposed class action



That Capital One that data breaches is a Biggie right sharing yeah we're talking about the personal data of over a hundred million of people possibly hacked into this is an unusual one because there's an actual suspect in this on a lot of times they'll tell you you know there's been a security breach of their spent hacking and they they don't really have an actual person or a name or a suspect on this and this one falls a thirty three year old woman by the name of page Thompson who left an online trail that you know made it surprisingly easy for a federal investigators to track her down and figure out who she was and actually charger with this she used to work at Amazon web services which is the the big host of a lot of a lot a lot of companies including Capital One the database it was breached this woman belong to several different chat rooms and she was in a slack group where they talked about packing companies and basically she actually said I've basically strapped myself with a bomb vest dropping Capital One docks and admitting it so federal prosecutors got scratching their head when it comes to that when it comes to actual consumers those of us who might have Capital One credit cards in our wallets even though the personal data of over a hundred million people was affected by this Capital One is saying that the you know ninety nine percent of those nothing got out and a hundred and forty one thousand people they've had their social security numbers looked at eighty thousand people had their bank accounts looked at so it is a lot of people but it's not as many as it sounds like from that from the opening offset yeah so when you boil it down those you know hundred forty thousand with the so should on an eighty thousand with a bank account on you know that information out there the recourse is they're going to offer free credit monitoring service and then if it gets rocky they'll take care of you how they play that right right if you go to the Capital One website you can just Google Capital One cure credit hacker even Capital One and there is you go to the website at the very top there is a link there that says information about the recent security breach and they've got a long list of you know who it involves how much involved what they're going to be doing they say that they will notify individuals through a variety of channels according to their words are considered to make free credit monitoring and identity protection available to everyone who is affected what you can do now if you you know you're one of these people are not keep a close eye on your bank account if you do it online do it from a secure wifi location don't do it from an open why fight location think about getting additional security protection LifeLock one of those things I mean if you can it's like you know ten Bucks a month or something like that you might want to do that for a while and just sort of keep an eye on what you've got going because you will be able to talk to Capital One into the folks there about what happened what might have happened one more quick thing to keep in mind the a lot of the people who had a hell or hacked into were filling out applications for secure a credit card to what that is is the credit card you have to put a certain amount of money down so that you can even get Dale a credit card to use do things like rent a car and things like that so those are people who already had the credit that was questionable okay now is this that might make it even doubly worse for them so keep an eye on it you know me keep an eye on your bank account make sure you're looking at it make sure you're monitoring it to at all times because that could really hurt to people whose credit was already heard in the first place yes from what I read it went down on July nineteenth so you know July thirty eleven days later we're learning about it this seems like a quicker turnaround than most of them yeah exactly Capital One found out about it what they did was they didn't release at all all right away they actually to the feds and said look we think this is going on to them they use those ten days to get that to to catch up with this woman and the woman was pretty brazen online she's saying all the stuff that she's doing it but you talk about anybody in the financial services business they almost constantly or talking about how much money they're spending try to stop the security test Jamie diamond recently saying eight you know that that they spend six hundred million dollars of his company you know trying to stop these credit hacks it's something that they're constantly monitoring constantly keeping an eye on it it's not going away so just figure out a way that you can keep your information safe

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