DiBenedetto will replace Menard at Wood Brothers

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I'm so excited to be here a Lotta sad cow steady in our a very special guest. He's the current driver of the ninety five Toyota Matthew Benedetto. Is it house yeah. It seems like you're learning week. Why don't I just lead with some other news? It's been going on in the sports world. There's been quiet week nothing too crazy going on right now. Hold US getting this down. Wait a second note. I was wrong guy some huge news yesterday. Matt next year is going to drive one of the most iconic cars in all of motor sports. Partially we believe as a tribute to cow the wood brothers November twenty one four congratulations congratulations. Thank you thank you. It's been a crazy. Well not only crazy day yesterday a crazy couple of weeks on this. It's all came about I mean you've taken us on what I would like to call an emotional roller coaster all season long and for this to be the the happy happy ending is just. I don't know if you could script a better ending yeah. I think that debt take us take down that trail because we you know you believe in and his team you WanNa stay with this team and all of a sudden within ten days. It seems like you guys I got. I got this deal but they changed drivers at the same time yeah but you're deals came together so quick. Walk us through how this deal came together yeah so it was only a couple of weeks ago. I laugh say my my wife Taylor. Two weeks. Go was crying and sad tears and panic and then yesterday is crying happy tears window. No no it's a it all came about that. Quick so the Bristol Week when I found out that I wouldn't be able to return to our next year and you know loved working with them. Guys in the opportunity and I'm like what in the world is going to happen just sitting there. I've no idea we just go perform and do what we can do together and then we have the Bristol run almost winning. It's crazy weaken their and then a couple days later. When I got the first phone call to come down there and meet with the wood brothers to college so it was it was it was a collective group calling? I can't even remember the timeline actually of how it all how it all all worked so I got to recall that but yeah it was is crazy and I've talked to Eddie and Lynnwood process and some of the folks with their lines at penske and went down there and met with all them and had the first talks and it's still was you know there was a lot moving and shaking in a short period

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