Epstein's accusers still seek justice after his death


And we begin with the growing mystery over the death of a q. sex trafficker jeffrey epstein who died by suicide tonight. We have learned that joe. Guards were supposed to check on him every thirty minutes <music> but that didn't happen the night he died. Epsteins body was carried away in the van. You see right here heading for the medical examiner's office the f._b._i. The department of justice have already launched investigations into a death what was supposed to be a high security jail and tonight those security lapses are fueling the outrage epsteins accusers who already fear they will not see justice a._b._c. Stephanie ramos outside that jail in lower manhattan tonight investigators are pouring over evidence surveillance footage to figure out the major breakdown that allow jeffrey epstein apparent suicide in his jail cell a._b._c. News has learned guards. Were supposed to check on the alleged sex trafficker. Every thirty minutes sources to say that protocol was not followed in the hours before he was discovered really is a an a an insane system on so many levels attorney bruce cat represents epsteins former cellmate who roomed with f. seen less than three weeks ago when he was found unresponsive with marks on his neck what the guards do and what they're supposed to do are almost always two different things so one has to wonder how it is that this man had just tried to take his own life by hanging himself a few weeks ago was in a position to successfully hang himself just six days after that first incident epstein was taken off suicide watch saturday every morning at six thirty nine. The multimillionaire was found hanging inside of his so there are just a lot of people that are yes angry and livid. Michelle licata oughta says epstein sexually assaulted her when she was just sixteen. She and other accusers are outraged. He will not face a criminal trial. I really wanted justice. I really wanted him to take up for what he did and to be put in jail or prison <hes> have to sit there and think about what it is he exactly exactly did to so many people tonight authorities or pledging to continue the investigation epstein's death comes less than twenty four hours after two thousand pages pages of new documents were made public your screaming on the inside and you don't know how to love it. Come out. All you do is obey. Virginia roberts goo phrase twenty fifteen defamation suit was unsealed against gasoline maxwell a longtime obscene associate in deposition testimony goof ray says that maxwell recruited her to be a teenage sex slave. We've to epstein give jeffrey what he wants. A lot of this training came from england herself. Maxwell has not been charged with any crimes. She has consistently sisterly denied the allegations tonight. Accusers are calling for those who enabled f seen to be held accountable. The people who really have to be concerned are the ones who worked with jeffrey epstein are the ones who may have helped facilitate what he was doing all right. Stephanie ramos joins us now live from outside that jail epstein took his life and stephanie on that last point. We just heard from dan.

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