Dum Dums's First Ad in 30 Years is Very Sweet



Business Wars daily is sponsored by audible audible has the world's largest selection of audio books and Audio Entertainment Start Listening with a thirty day audible trial by visiting audible dot com slash B w daily or by texting. Bw Daily to five hundred five hundred from wondering I'm David Brown and this is business wars daily happy Friday everyone dumb dumbs the classic Lollipop Bran. Dan just launched its first ad campaign in thirty years. It's animated simple bright and joyful inspired by Shel Silverstein illustrated children's books I think black and white drawings of characters pops of color come from the dumb dumbs which serve as stand ins for balloons barbells in in this one a bouquet of flowers hours handed by a nervous guide was new date who is delighted here. Listen to the soundtrack dum dum dum dum dum dum dum they make life uh the brands AD agency Smith Brothers says it's reviving nostalgia in an effort to give us all a dose of much-needed optimism and Cheer Oh and to stand out against what it says are or over the top splashy AD campaigns produced by dumb dumbs much bigger competitors fighting to get the attention of shoppers and inspire them to give into impulse purchases dumb dumb dumbs family owned spangler candy was founded in nineteen o six in the small Ohio town of Bryan but it didn't invent them dumps that credit goes to the Akron Candy Company which put a hard candy on a stick in nineteen twenty six Akron sales manager. I see bar named it a dumb. I'm dumb thinking it would be easy for little kids to remember and to say spangler bought dumb dumbs in Nineteen fifty-three today. spangler makes twelve million lollipops pops every single day selling them largely in bulk to businesses that give them away to customers but spangler isn't selling sweets as much as it selling nostalgia. The company claims it's America's only major manufacturer of candy canes it also makes old-fashioned suites like circus peanuts and candidates and last last fall spangler bought one hundred year old candy brands neck. Oh wafers and sweethearts from the bankrupt New England confectionery company remember sweethearts those little sugar. Agra candies with sayings like be mine on them. Spangler is planning to bring him back next Valentine's Day but before it gets Valentine's Day spangler has halloween sales on its mind mind when ten percent of all sweet sales happen the Candy Businesses Fiercely Competitive Candy companies have been consolidating attempting to build strength to succeed feet in a changing market. The desire for sugary treats has dropped shoppers turned toward healthy foods except for artisan brands which are doing well spangler fights fights with her. She's jolly rancher for sweet tooth with its small budget dumb. dumbs are the David to Hershey Goliath. Clearly spangler thought three decades as long enough to go without a dumb dumb ad campaign every few decades. I suppose you do need to get the public's attention in this case with the strategically redesigned pop up good cheer from this business worse daily this week's week's episodes were written edited and produced by Elaine Appleton edited and produced by emigrant our executive producer Marshall created by or non Lopez Warwick worry. I'm David Brown and we'll see you next week. So today's episode of Business Wars daily is brought to you by audible. Audible has the world's largest selection of audio books and audio entertainment right now. I'm listening to an audible original called it burns the scandal plagued race to breed the world's hottest chili hits kids wild. It's funny and it's about so much more than Chili's with a convenient audible APP. You can listen anytime anywhere on any device Mobile Alexa Enabled Bluetooth and in a whole lot more as a member. You can easily exchange any title. You don't love it anytime plus. You get to keep your library of listens. Even if you cancel start listening with a thirty he day audible trial choose one audiobook and to audible originals absolutely free visit audible dot com slash. VW daily or text w daily three to five hundred five hundred that's audible dot com slash V._W. Daily or Text B W daily to five hundred five hundred.

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