Apple Lifts the Veil on TV+


Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown joining me as is Matt Bellamy of the Hollywood reporter and Matt as as we have long known apple has this TV thing people have been waiting for apple to come in to the entertainment business for a long time and they they did set up a thing. They have finally announced. I mean they've trickled out some stuff about their shows. They had this event where the people who were making those shows is were brought to talk about them. They didn't show any footage which struck a lot of people is very weird but finally apple is ready to drop the veil so November November. I it's subscription service. TV plus will launch for the cheap price and this is undercutting the Disney cheap price which I would call a price to lure you in in and get you hooked. Disney's is seven dollars. That's obviously a lot less than net flicks apple five dollars and apple. It's not just five dollars. It's free if you buy a new iphone or MAC or other various apple products that they want you to buy so this is a very very low price point and the design line here. It's very clear now is to keep you in the apple ecosystem. They are at their core a hardware company a products company and if they can can put all these other bells and whistles on apple music and news and a video game service and now television they can keep you in the apple ecosystem. I am buying apple products and they hope makes money on this new. TV service yeah about that okay so they have a bunch of shows with you know impressive talent reese witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston or in something called the morning show is supposed to be a very expensive show. There was a lot of noise about production and was alleged alleged to be troubled. We haven't seen too much yet and we've seen a trailer. of course this will launch soon. There's something with Hailee Steinfeld called Dickinson when she looks like a very very dramatic reconstruction of the poet Emily Dickinson who was reclusive and not Haley. This looks different. Let's just put it that way and a whole bunch of other stuff now. I'm just going to be skeptical. Matt you know I. I don't know that people are going to feel like Oh. I've got to have that five dollars. A month is cheap and free is is cheaper than that but you know there's a lot of competition for eyeballs right now. I don't know that apple can start from scratch and launched something. I don't know how compelling they feel. They needed needed to be but if they really WANNA be in this game. I think ultimately they're going to have to buy some studio. Maybe I'll take the other side on this one because I think that apple isn't starting from from scratch. They're starting with the most powerful and well loved brand in the world and when people say oh there's a TV service coming from apple a a brand that I know and I have in my pocket all the time and I buy things from and I interact with. That's what they want and if you think about the model here we're moving away from on the traditional television model where it's all about valuing the content and the advertising you can sell against the content here. The content is secondary. Gary just like it is on Amazon prime where they're not actually selling you video shows. They're selling you toilet paper and bath creams and all the other things that that you buy on Amazon and if you pay for prime you get this other thing along with. It and apple is really in the same boat here. They're not actually selling you a reese witherspoon show. Oh they're selling you more apple products and they're selling you an ecosystem that they want to control and have you buy all of your other stuff whether it's HBO and Showtime Oh time or potentially many other different things through the apple ecosystem just to be clear apple. TV plus is not a TV. It's a thing that you get on your devices and as you say maybe that's going to be successful formula for Apple. I mean one of the interesting things to note. Is that win. This was announced in the price point was announced announced the stock of Roku went way down why was that because roku cells rival hardware to apple TV so the thinking is is that this is going to encourage more people to buy the Apple TV device which allows you to connect to a smart television and put apple programs on and you're going to be less likely likely to buy Roku all. I already have Roku so at least for me. I'm either way right. That's felony aditorial director of the Hollywood reporter. He joins me this Monday. At one thirty on the business. I'm Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown.

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