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Is Pat McGrath's New Eyeshadow Palette Worth $125?



There's a new paragraph is shadow paula coming our way yes. It's one of the lodge jewelry box walks style. Pallets are one hundred twenty five domas many money. It's so many money's see. I have no words yeah well. It's gorgeous. I mean it looks absolutely beautiful. It's called the midnight. Sun pilot is ten shades magical bronze wicked violence miskel crimson crimson and got got us gold's. It's multidimensional effects like pallets before there's a couple of shades look very similar. There's that pesky matt black is back back and then these of astral shade although i do love the astros shade which is an ariza's iridescent peachy pink skin tone which just passed beautifully over lots of the different shades. It's gorgeous. I'm wondering if anyone's gonna put it on the christmas list if you're pat mcgrath director. Do you just have to have it. I understand i'm on a yeah no by for september because as i mentioned wedding but this is this is beautiful. There's really gorgeous wearable colors in here which is not something i've always about mcgrath pilots

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