Sheet Masks Are Overrated



Let's get into it with a really important email. I will say i receive. I'll read this email since it's directed to you. Okay just let me narrated narrated alway. The subject is in all caps sheet. Masks are overrated. Here's the email thank you dorie for speaking your truth smiley face. Thank you dear listener. Breath it short and to the point. That's it agreeing with me yet. Perfect perfect email dream dory's dream sustain ct on her side. I love it. I love to and you know we've had had so many different reactions to your sheet mask declaration of festa da and i have found honestly since he declared yourself not a sheet mask fan <music>. I'm using the more interest not james bell against you aren't youth a little secret contrarian low scared of confrontations. The privately honestly just reminded me that of sheet masks and so i've been doing them more. I don't know oh. I don't know what it is. I did a bunch when we traveled a few weeks ago to florida. I brought one but didn't do it. Oh look at you. I was like how will the sheet masks. I might as well get rid of with them. I don't wanna waste them. That would be so wasteful. I mean we could do a giveaway of dory's rejected sheep past. How a lawrence. I'll take them off your hand or you know you can put them. Give them to my by nothing group

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