Body camera video shows Colorado police fatally shooting suspect in back


Next tonight. Newly released bodycam video from colorado springs in nineteen year old shot and killed by police at one point point. The video shows his hands in the air running away. He's been shot. A._b._c.'s chief national correspondent matt up in with the video and it is disturbing. Hey guys talked to us tonight. This newly released body camera video sparking new questions about the final moments of nineteen year old devan bailey who died while trying to flee police colorado springs police responding to a reported armed robbery so we got a report to people similar descriptions possibly having a gun right so don't waste just check and make sure they have a weapon right as a third officer approaches bailey from behind he turns and runs away hands hands up hands up. Get your hands up. Get your hands up the officers later performing c._p._r. On bailey until till he was taken to the hospital where he died that he did not have a weapon in his hand and had not shown any weapon when he was shot in the back and killed in the video too graphic to show you can hear police saying bailey had a gun and can see as they try to retrieve an object surveillance video released last week sparked outrage rage and protests. David police continue to insist that bailey had a gun now the district attorney is reviewing the case. Bailey's funeral is set it for tomorrow.

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