Battle of The Brews Live from The Landmark In Glassboro


The reason why we're here today is that we have a battle the bruise news and we've invited her kyle's invited us to be here and we also have the people from three threes eighty sand. Taco brewing company and ax narrow now and we're going to have a beer off. I guess what we're having more than one. I assume the battle of the beer's battle the beer so we're going to anybody. WHO's trying to beers out there. We're going to see which ones are favor one at two o'clock. I think we're GONNA it will cub cut the two o'clock. You know there's no hard times here not in fact. We're currently forty five minutes later than we thought we were wrong. Jersey time. It's a Sunday. What do you expect. It's a I think it's probably one of the last Sunday's before football so a before Labor Day yeah well. That's true. That's when you know Ostlund. Where most of us live we get our city back. We get our city back but that's okay doc kyle. This is a pretty interesting idea that you had here so tell me a little bit about marketing Americana and their affiliation with craft craft glass bro landmark been here forever. It's really went through a lot of changes since its inception but you know the crab craft beer scene really flew up probably ten years ago and I think that the concept here's all along with that we went from having hope nope twelve fear of domestic threats twenty total realize that there's a huge demand here and we expanded that to be forty draft beers and to have a strong focus towards the area what South Jersey Breweries Tristate Breweries Philadelphia's obviously twenty five minutes away feels local to me. US Asfaw lived there as well so very local but that's really been our been a big part of that. We are going to be a beer. I lace harmonies float around beard. You know we want you to have some beers control the food you know spirits. They have a place here as well but you know I think that the heart of what our concept is is it is about the beer. It's nice to see because one of the things that's happened in the craft beer landscape is that you guys were early adopters this obviously this is. How many years is this for the festival. This is the seventh year so there was kind of a whole here for a long time with people that would have craft beer and I guess with the Robo Abo- innovation that's happened here. There's been influx but you guys one of the early adopters and do a great job with it. I noticed that you have a good representation from all over the state in Philly here which is nice and you know they do have they do have some big name beards that you know that need to have which were not averse to. We are Bir see not script but it's nice to see somebody as big as you guys. It has such a force here in Gloucester County and surrounding area really adopt the craft and kyle. You have a great list of local beers share. A great tap list of WHO actually decides on which Beers on tap is that you have a committee. I'm not that involved in the beer selection here to give a lot of the credits Nikki Nado who is here today he was the one running around getting all this stuff organized for us he does most the selections dealing with the Reps and the local guys play into his taste buds so a lot of credit on that Mitzi great job nick so when you guys are when you start to craft beer one of the things that is a not an issue but is your servers and I know that I've been here a bunch of times your servers actually know how to describe era so as the director of operations that something you guys put in the plan for your for your locations Yep. It's executed properly. All of our staff has to go through a relatively relatively rigorous training all what we offer terms of not just food spirits opinion beer and being able to actually describe the different styles is pretty very important and being able to lead people in the right direction a lot of a lot of novice beer drinkers are looking for certain flavor and you have to be able to know the list we talk yeah. We talk about this all the time so key tell me what tastes like coors light and then direct them to the Water Fountain then but there is. There's something here for everybody. Craft Beers expanded to such a point nine Clark. Even we have an article coming up or would have been out already on non alcohol beer is that are really making a big splash thing. It's against my religion the not Alcohol Beers but what's Nice is I think the breweries all making something that can get the entry level here drinking and looking your tap. Lets you do have those as well for sure. I as I've gotten older. I've appreciated that Craft Beers evolved with my tastes now. I feel like he used to be. How crazy can we make the sphere top going to beat a drink Takao happy. Can we make it. I think a lot of that now is more. What can we make that people are going to drink a lot of lottery. You know six seven beers used. BP had six arrogant bastard. You wouldn't taste for weeks now now. There's there's enough craft beer out there that they're they're making products. That are fun to try. You can have a much of different things and enjoy your enjoy summer day Zoya Winter Day whatever it is and I appreciate that they're they're bringing it down a little bit but keeping the flavor there that's true I mean I like to see a lot of five five and a half's to have a lot of flavor that you can have five or six out and still mo the lawn in a straight line. It's not going to ruin your day. Hey No long sessional. Beers is the big the big new thing we're seeing a lot of cultures a lot of fully flavored. Ip as that are coming coming up forty five percent founders kind of broke the mold on that with all day. I Ta Nea Ri Billick Seven Breweries just off of that brand we see dogfish coming out with the same thing and all all the major brewers following in suit so just natural evolution. I guess to see ready was trying to make some stuff in fact one of our friends at Tom. Foley just has a low calorie one hundred Ed coury. Ida says that he just came out with and so as the market has evolved. There's not just ten breweries. You have to be able to to bring some frog consumers so I'll glassware beer festival. That's one of the reasons that we here as well so tell us a little bit about what's going on with this year. I know that you have a big qasis on Jersey beer yet this year. I think we're we're getting close to half of the total participants being from Jersey. I think a great weekend when you can do it is to go to a town. Check out the breweries that are there. They'll give you a backbone for your trip. Yes really give you can capture that into the the festival where you're like. Why a never gets a you know all these different places from your down to the tip of Cape May up to the up to the North Jersey side the validation kind of give a good representation while those monthly's emphasis sample what they have to offer. I think that's that's good. That's experienced driving towards is trying to grade their like that impossible. We'll road trip in a day yet and done a good job this year. You have a forty five plus breweries. I believe this year. They're coming last minute adults less well. That's that's the nature of the business and the Nice thing guys do too is it's a great area but tickets really reasonable so you had the VIP package that runs from twelve to five that gives you early initiative. That's one of fifty bucks. I mean that is that is a great price. Fifty dollars for a pours two was too. We're doing according to the ABC and that report is exactly two ounce. You have no more and you're you're able to come in an hour earlier to beat the crowds a little bit. I mean that's a great great. Price for forty bucks even income from one to five last four forty five and still be able to sample a bunch of beers. VIP ticket though that's the one absolutely that's a great deal and a lot of people not take my advice but I always say that he should probably start with the food exactly and they may not with a couple beers. You get the food because 'cause you whenever knows wants to eat. There's GonNa be lines there and get the food. Go the way of good base you know cruise the rest of the day. It's all about the base rallied the beating up Tom Claver Day of an article about eight things to do when you're preparing for a beer festival and that was one of them in that was definitely one of them and there's a bunch more. You can get that on the site. Sap or seen dot com but I feel like the people that come in here that power drink for the first twenty minutes to thirty minutes running around. I think they're day gets shorter. Oh yes I think they're ruining the ruined. All the other beers ability. My mind wasted what he just says a Patriot beer festivals right down the ones you want to try after about ten of Milstar taste better yeah especially with all these people are bringing these gigantic cop toward Beers speaking of yours. WE WANNA try coming up to the stage roses Caraba Callahan of Taco brewing company. Everybody here knows him fund bobby and he brought a some beers here today.

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