Andrew Luck's retirement shocks football fans


I don't know if there was a final straw purse or the lack of progress I think just builds up in run into one okay turn the corner okay what's you know kind of another some of our turn a corner turn the corner and I I can or if there's one thing that the to pinpoint a final straw but yeah I I I again I feel ma'am with so much clarity and I'm so grateful for for for for the for the experiences and are in the the positive terms I have sat here that was and you lock talking about his retirement me Tony cats ninety three W. I. B. C. let me bring in Kevin balance from one oh seven five the band ninety three point five one seven five the family sometime the fan dot com literally every article on that site right now is you you and Kevin's corner and talking about the retirement of Andrew luck so here's here's the the the question what the hell yeah right shock stunning disbelief answer all those adjectives right there basically Angela came to the realization that the sacrifices it takes to be an NFL football player and the amount of pain threshold that you have to play through the amount of rehab that a lot of guys have to go through to play at that level he was no longer willing to make those sacrifices and I think the Andrew luck we saw maybe the first for five years and his NFL career war was very willing to do all of that but ever since the labor issue began four years ago and he wants the Netherlands for two months for that twenty seventeen season to try and get away and nearly new husband and new father later this year all those things wait into this pretty heavily now there's no doubt and I am I'm from the beginning I was saying this to the people that I was around he looked in his life he looked at the money in the bank he felt the pain that these and you look at the future of his family said I don't need this right and and I don't actually have a problem with that I'm not one of those people who's who's angry with him for retiring certainly I think that he's wrong to say mentally worn down you don't get to discuss mentally worn down there's a guy who's been going to the plant for twenty five years and he's mentally worn down and physically worn down but is a hundred million dollars in the bank you don't actually get to say that to people as as far as I'm concerned and he has two X. I think except that when people were brewing as they were coming up the field it's not just all it was about that but it was also about him leaving it's also about this team that's what I want to get into with you this seems like the second time in three years that the Indianapolis Colts lied to the fans about what was going on it was a calf strain it was a magical thing it was bone thing now it's retirement how or GM Ballard Chris Ballard and the coach Frank Reich discussing this and are they aware of the fact that for the failing side never will get to the team a second for the fans side there is all lot of mistrust of

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