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Hiring is challenging but there's one place you can go. We're hiring is simple and smart. That place is ziprecruiter where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates try it for free at Ziprecruiter Dot com slash tech talk ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire so we're still here at BITCON big online video convention in Anaheim. I'm here with Natalie Jarvi. She is the digital media or the Hollywood reporter. We're doing a little meet. The press edition hero talking tech exchanging notes showed Natalie to me. The floor seems quieter. The excitement seems less. It seems subdued this year. What are you? What are your thoughts yeah? I mean I think part of this is vid con kind of coming into its its mature. Her Age it's ten years old. It's expanded a lot. There's a lot more floor space than ever before so I think some of the crowd is just kind of been able to spread out of it. That would happen okay. This is a convention aimed at the people who make videos and what youtube offered this week both of us sat down with the chief product officer and from Youtube Neil Mahan and he's offering more ways for them to make money beyond advertising which basically means that the small creator has a better shot at would make a buck even if they don't get many videos absolutely I mean youtube wants to be a place where creator can make money a lot of different ways not just from advertising so they rolled out a number of features that kind of support that promise it's interesting though because a few days before Bitcon facebook also announced some new monetization features a snapchat also said that they're doing more to work with craters. It's interesting to see how all of these big tech platforms kind of jostling to be that home for a creator and the place where. A crater knows they can go in and make money those announcements always come out a few days before Bitcon and just to remind people facebook said you could tip the Creator Youtube just basically talked about how successful super chat is which is a way for us to go direct correct the top of the line and sent a note get question to your favorite creator. Some creators are making as much as four hundred dollars per minute which is found money for all. They're doing is answering questions so that's pretty cool. <hes> facebook has never gotten a toehold on that Credo market though I mean they're they're bigger than youtube but it never happened. Why do you think that is facebook is still growing their monetization platform and and I think it it still? Kind of early days for them. You also have to remember that a lot of the the young influencers their audiences are on Youtube. They're on instagram. They're not necessarily always on facebook and although in a facebook will tell you that on a global level <hes> I a lot of young people to use the platform so you know I think that's part of what you're seeing. Just a tale of two cities. The Youtube speech was in the main stage and the facebook speech was in a small stage and there are very few people. They're comparatively any other thoughts about covering this thing and what you've seen on the floor anything jump out at you well. I did notice that a lot of the instagram panels yesterday were packed. You know these were the panels for talking about growing your instagram page and what you can do as is a creator. It is still a platform that talent really love and enjoy being on so that that stood out to me. The way it's been explained to me is that you make a fully realized Polish video on Youtube and instagram. You let your hair down. Right absolutely yeah on stories and things like that you can let your hair down you know have a different kind of a relationship with your fans and then you know of course who doesn't love all the pretty polished pictures that come alongside to speaking of pretty pictures and Instagram when my highlights was in this very room. We're in the press room right now. I got to interview the cat and her owners cookie and Shannon and Nahla is the world's most followed cat on instagram. Four million followers Sean Natalie. Did you get a chance to say I did not get a chance to say had an ally saw you do your interview and I was very jealous. You know this year teamed up with the Dodo to have a whole kind of pet influence her track which was. Really Neat because those influencers are huge and they have a lot of fans natalie. I'll let you get back to work. Thanks for sitting down and talking tech with us. I'm Jefferson Graham. You can find me on twitter at Jefferson Graham Natalie how the people I met Nat jars on on twitter and all my stories are at the Hollywood reporter Dot Com and be sure to tune in on Monday the you'll hear all about now the cat thanks again phyllis thing hiring used to be hard it was and still is one of the biggest challenges businesses face this before it meant dealing with endless stacks of resumes flipping through them and hoping the perfect candidate would jump out at you and the manual review process wasn't any easier but in today's high tech world hiring can be easy and you only have to go to one place to get it done ziprecruiter dot com slash tech talk with their powerful matching technology ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find the most qualified contenders for your job and actively invites them to apply Ziprecruiter is so effective that eighty percents of employers.

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