Antonio Banderas, Oscar And Penelope Cruz discussed on The Empire Film Podcast


Childhood memories <hes> we see penelope cruz and her young son you know growing up in less than ideal circumstances trying to make the best of it trying to find his way in life. There's a lot going on in those scenes. There's a lot of texture in those scenes in a lot of kind of nostalgia but also kind of a clear eyed look at the past and a clear eyed look. Maybe some things that were less ideal a new struggle to maybe trying break this. Shell around himself in the present. I just think it's a fantastic fantastic film. It's one word. The plot is pretty much impossible to describe beyond this things. I've set <hes> but it's a brilliant performance from from antonio banderas like if he is up for an oscar for this next year it's because nobody watches the foreign films like there's no other possible explanation and he's wonderful in it and you know the the sort of the supporting custody great work as well but really it's. It's very much his film. He's in almost every scene and he has remarkable. Finally the oscar nomination he was sadly died for assassins and the mascot are oh yeah mainly us. We

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