Monica Lewinsky, Mike Mike Pence And Washington Times discussed on The Basement Yard


Like the washington times recently stanley tweeted something like mike mike pence said people need to get on their knees more and and get off the internet and he i'm assuming meant like praying or whatever but taken out of context we're talking about in the dig of a man and dan right. We are and someone tweeted like okay. Who's gonna tell oh him and then monica lewinsky replied to that. She's like definitely not me. Suck the dick of a man. I'll tell you what though she was the most famous famous cock sucker in the world at one point while yeah just fire yeah. It's kind of funny too. I would love to meet her because she she has a good attitude about it love to talk to him. I would love to be like monica. Come on the show but here's the thing right so monica lewinsky and she had a gist dress it will yeah just just flies opt honor yeah. He's got. He's got some miles. Per hour is not a dribbler guy shooting ropes. Oh yeah but imagine you're.

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