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Forty Five Minutes And Fifty Six Percent discussed on Joyce Kaufman


Right what we hear and so far because I've heard make stuff about the lying game yeah it's getting sort of a mixed reaction from the critics at the very least I think I kind of understand where they're coming from you know I I think it really depends on what you're looking for in a lion king remake yeah this is it this is the third of Disney's so called live action remakes of the classic animated films this year the first two being dumbo and Aladdin this one is definitely the most anticipated of the three people just love the lion king and this one have a pretty good great cast in Starz Donald Glover at the voice of Simba you know beyond say the voice of now you've got Billy Eichner and Seth Rogan who play to moan and quibble and they actually steal a lot of scenes they're really funny to Whittle at your for his car and then in sort of a nice little nod to the original you've got James Earl Jones who returns to provide the voice of Musasa and this is directed by John Fabbro he actually had really great success with a similar movie when he did the jungle book remake for Disney just a few years ago so it and made a lot of sense that they'd get him to do this one as well and to his credit the movie looks mind blowing the good everyone who's seen it agrees with them absolutely a technical Marvel how this thing looks from the animals to the natural environment you know for example pride rock that that famous rock with a cold Simba to the rest of the animals that that actually doesn't exist in Africa that's a complete fabrication on the part of the the guy who designed the original movie and and everything looks so real it's it's incredible what they've been able to do you know the whole sort of gimmick of the movie was that I was supposed to be a reinterpretation of the lion king with photo realistic animals and they have really gone sort of above and beyond to accomplish that but I think it does also kind of pose a problem at least for some people because you know the nineteen ninety four movie with a cartoon and that kind of allowed them to superimpose very human expressions on to the animals so they were angry or sad or happy you could really see it in their faces but you know obviously rely and they don't really smile like that or cry like that so their faces kind of end up looking fairly the same whether they're angry at someone or singing accrue the macabre so in that sense the photo realism does in my opinion kind of rob the movie a little bit of its personality but aside from that there also aren't really any changes to the story it's almost a shot for shot remake of the animated version although it does feature a few new songs that we didn't get the original and produced a number of critics that was also kind of a disappointment so with all of that said the movie is currently at fifty six percent on the tomato meter and I think whether or not you enjoy it will depend on one thing do you essentially want a shot for shot remake of the animated we but with super realistic looking animals instead of cartoons or were you hoping that this might be kind of a fresh take on the story and sort of the same way that John Fabbro did a few things a little differently from the original when he made the jungle book if you're okay with that being basically the same movie but pretty here then this is exactly that you will probably love it a lot of fans of already chimed in and said that they had an amazing time at the movie and again it looks fantastic but again if you were hoping for them to do something a little more with the story to sort of justify remaking it or you know even come at it from a fresh angle you're not gonna get that here so you know this is very much a your mileage may vary kind of the situation no it's interesting when you bring that up that way Ryan's for somebody like me yeah you know my kids love the movie right so I probably wouldn't watch it just on my own so I don't even know what my explanation is other than if we decided to go see the movie or if it's in a few months and I'm watching it you know as a rental it's kind of like irate am I entertained by it and I had even thought of what is my expectation you know what I mean which is like is there a rule or not and it from the trailer I'm like wow that looks stunning but I do wonder after about forty five minutes to an hour if you're like well I know how these roles and there's no silent there you know I don't know what it'll be like I'm not

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