Aaron Rodgers 'Glad' Packers' Joint Practices with Texans Over


Go to the n._f._l. Let's start this in green bay. Packers and new head coach matt leflore and aaron rodgers not on the same page early in camp. The coach likes can't likes camp likes working out with other teams. Here's what aaron rodgers said said about doing a joint practice with texans. I wouldn't mind if they didn't do it for another fourteen years and then he said that the offensive work is of great value because schematically. There's not a lot there and he doesn't like the risk of injury. Is this just one of those things or is this a real problem between rogers and the floor. Take it or shake it. Take it real problems. Take take take it though she sleep but i think when you think when you think about what i said the other day about out joint practices. It's a no no. No one wants to do that but coaches then only ones you. There's there's nothing to gain from it. The iran tell you 'cause. Let's coaches are stupid. He just do stuff. They just day or stupid. I told you this the other day and raja's comes out and basically backs up exactly exactly what i'll say it. No one wants to do that. You risk injury. You're getting no real work at all and it is going to be a power struggle for this young head head coach and matlock floor in aaron rodgers. It's going to be a power struggle in math going to have to cave in or else. He's going to get fire yeah. I was just gonna say if you're a brand new head coach jay first time head coach and all of a sudden you gotta go coach your first team as the head guy that's one thing you've got to be the head coach of the green bay packers with a hall of fame quarterback. Who's in the meat prime of his career. That's a totally different thing different. Yeah it's different because ann rogers is also different. He's so cerebral. He's so questions every think think anyway. He's not just gonna go to get him on like other. Q._b.'s wills so you know skiing on the walls though skin on the wall. What do you mean it meaning matlock floor. Oh if you if you were dealing dealing with coach that came in and mike shanahan or bill parcells done something that has some skin on the wall the aaron rodgers with baal down where if there's a guy like sean mcvay say the world gets up into shining face their push mcvay a smart enough to realize that i need him to produce some let him do what he needs to do. If he's doing what he needs to do in his positive then we're gonna be okay and if it's negative it's gonna follow him. I've done everything to make him a better player. I'll keep my job. We'll get rid of him

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