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This is a rough one this this is rothman. Perry has lost three out of five but his last one only losing one. He lost decisions. No one in a stopping mike perry less submission by the one time kabwe he was submitted was coward. He goes the decision to <hes> griffin. We lost and you know throwing. You obviously had the arbor. This is the problem here because <hes> i i could see this is so stupid. I guess he was going both ways i do. I mean all right this is this. This is what i'm going to say. I'm gonna go mike perry and mrs w-why before if i if they had this fight before <hes> <hes> <hes> olivera fight if if i see if they were matched up before that i would have went with the shirt and i still think present they is. I mean look very dangerous a stud. He's a stud. I think we're seeing a new mike perry. I think it's like almost preparing for a new guy are it should actually give dana a little props for before are saying how he and it is true. Anybody scenic say it but i was watching it live with dana that fight <hes> when when <hes> mike perry cowboy lavera and during it i remember dana he's gonna managed and obviously it was what i was saying the whole show but he was saying he was meant. He looked really more mature. Despite like and is exactly what i was feeling i'm like i'm like he's being patient. We should be patient. He's exploding when he should. He's pouncing when he should. He showing good defense. He got out of bed positions when the guy is bad right. That's why i think he's gonna. He's gonna persevere but again visit. They luke as fuck extremely dangerous so if it wasn't for his last fight i would go be going with present day. I think i'm going with mike perry but how that's the question. I'm taking my perry to and i'll tell you how don't wait call now wave weight because you're going to copy you know i i don't i

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