Explainer 181: Brexit: will it ever end?


The british people have voted to leave the european union and the will must be respected. It was not a decision that was taken lightly. Blink not least because so many things were said by so many different organizations about the significance of this decision. If anyone is still keeping ping score it is now one thousand one hundred and sixty eight days since a narrow majority of what was then the british electorate primarily the non london in english electorate voted to take the united kingdom out of the european union as we go to where it is fifty six days until the u._k. Is due to actually leave the e._u. Having missed a couple of deadlines already there is something undeniably opposite in the current prime minister boris johnson being a former journalist. It is not too late to save pretzel boris. Johnson's government had a working majority she just about thanks to the expensive acquiescence of the democratic unionist party of northern ireland on tuesday that waifish advantage vanished when philip levy conservative member bracknell defected to the liberal democrats. I wish i wish i wish i followed later you too in the week by former labor and independent group m._p. Luciana berger. It's not impossible that by the time you listen to this jo swinson might be running the country and kyle the prime minister what advice she has for women across the country on how to deal with those men who think they could we do a better job are not prepared to do the actual work none of which it turned out made much difference to the week's crucial votes in the house of commons as we learned a number of conservative m._p.'s also oppose not deal brexit enough to vote against their own prime minister and in so doing prompt their prime minister to expel them from the conservative benches. It says everything you need to know about the polarizing effects of brexit that these rebels now outcasts were comprised of the mildest characters on the tory side of the house including former chancellors philip hammond and ken clock and cynical assumes the grandson of winston churchill. I want to make clear that i've always believed the referendum. Results must be honored and indeed. I voted for the withdrawal agreement on every occasion is is being presented to the highest which is more than can be said for my right on the front of the prime minister the leader of the highest and all the members of the cabinet who ciro disloyalty has been such an inspiration to so many any of this to speak. These punishments were followed by the resignation of m._p. Joe johnson the brother of boris johnson. If we are take boris johnson at his word and there is mountainous evidence that this is a hazardous course he still wants a withdrawal deal but wishes to keep the no deal option shen in play as a negotiating ploy this makes on the face of it since it is rarely wise to limit your options in such circumstances although the no deal brexit strategy is not so much a threat to walk out of the rug shop as a threat to shoot yourself in both feet and then sort of bleed all over the stuff while screaming but parliament seems reasonably enough to believe that i know deal brexit which is the present legal default bolt is not a risk worth running. The obvious resolution to the impasse would be a general election but the u._k. Appears now to find itself in the curious position of having a prime minister who wants a general election but says he doesn't squaring off against positionally who doesn't want to general election and says does as we wanted an action photographing is the appeal of an early election suggested date is october. Fifteenth is clear enough to johnson the plan would be to win a mandate condemn the labor party to to further disarray use a majority to pass some sort of withdrawal agreement and claim a great triumph and even if it doesn't work out quite like vast he'd still it'll be prime minister until at least two thousand twenty four. It's just as easy to see why johnson wouldn't want an election just after a new deal brexit especially if it's as bad the government's own projections predict people deprived of food and medicines unlikely to behave gratefully at the ballot box but due to the arcana no no of the u._k.'s fixed term parliament act it is not possible for johnson to simply cold and election. He requires an amount of cooperation from the opposition who do not seem inclined to give it at least not yet on wednesday night. Labor voted against johnson's motion for a general election lead jeremy corbyn corbin said that the bill blocking a no deal brexit would need to become law. I the offer the election. Today is a bit like the offer of an apple to snow white in the wicked queen because what he's offering is an apple or even election but the poison of ano- dale said an election in october still seems is likely the not the large bets on the result would be ill advised the u. K. you may have noticed is in a strange mood on the basis that the usual usual foam with brexit has been whatever is the most ridiculous theoretical outcome is probably what will actually happen. Another hung parliament causing another election within in six months seems a decent punt and or an amount of comic justice may be at hand the key underpinning of boris johnson's korea in public. Life is his hotly debatable conviction of his own destiny as some churchillian colossus it would be something if the shambles he did so much orchestrate ashes him into the footnotes and pub quizzes as britain's briefest prime minister while we're keeping score of things he's still seventy six days short <music>. I'm andrew miller <music>.

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