Hurricane Dorian starts to move away from Bahamas


Dorian he is on the move from the C. Brady fox news the storms now heading northwest at five miles an hour after strolling over the northern Bahamas getting close enough to threaten flooding and power outages in Florida and Georgia before reaching the Carolinas Thursday evening we could be looking at a landfall of the storm's somewhere probably around the North Carolina area thanks chief meteorologist Rick Reich news mandatory evacuations underway in the Outer Banks that area especially vulnerable because of the road route twelve which extends the full length of the Outer Banks is prone to washing out in heavy storms once that road washes out you are stuck in a tiny tiny little thread of land which is prone to storm surges hope that the worries are calling on people to pay very very close attention talk to Doug McKelway in Wilmington where the university of North Carolina starts evacuations later today new Hanover county will start clearing out tomorrow

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