Russia's war heats up cooking oil prices in global squeeze


One one one one of of of of the the the the many many many many food food food food costs costs costs costs that that that that is is is is risen risen risen risen in in in in recent recent recent recent months months months months is is is is that that that that of of of of cooking cooking cooking cooking oil oil oil oil due due due due in in in in part part part part to to to to the the the the war war war war in in in in Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine it's it's it's hitting hitting hitting many many many households households households around around around the the the globe globe globe and and and also also also restaurants restaurants restaurants and and and street street street vendors vendors vendors to to to fry fry fry their their their food food food vegetable vegetable vegetable oil oil oil prices prices prices hit hit hit a a a record record record high high high in in in February February February and and and then then then went went went up up up another another another twenty twenty twenty three three three percent percent percent last last last month month month agricultural agricultural agricultural analyst analyst analyst Stephen Stephen Stephen Matthews Matthews Matthews with with with grow grow grow intelligence intelligence intelligence says says says the the the pandemic pandemic pandemic labor labor labor shortages shortages shortages and and and poor poor poor harvests harvests harvests set set set the the the stage stage stage for for for this this this surge surge surge in in in cooking cooking cooking oil oil oil prices prices prices forty forty forty percent percent percent and and and some some some cases cases cases in in in some some some vegetable vegetable vegetable oils oils oils and and and in in in case case case of of of sunflower sunflower sunflower oil oil oil we we we can't can't can't even even even get get get it it it even even even if if if you you you wanna wanna wanna because because because of of of the the the the the the Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine or or or Russia Russia Russia and and and Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine are are are the the the top top top exporters exporters exporters providing providing providing more more more than than than half half half the the the world's world's world's sunflower sunflower sunflower oil oil oil this this this fish fish fish and and and chips chips chips vendor vendor vendor in in in London London London says says says he he he doesn't doesn't doesn't know know know if if if he he he can can can stay stay stay in in in business business business very very very very very very scary scary scary and and and I I I don't don't don't know know know how how how our our our industry industry industry fish fish fish and and and chips chips chips industry's industry's industry's going going going to to to cope cope cope hi hi hi Jackie Jackie Jackie Quinn Quinn Quinn

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