NRA says it is 'committed to making schools secure' and Texas convention will still go on


Three days after the horrific school shooting and you've all been Texas former president Donald Trump will headline at the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Houston It's a memorial weekend event build as a Texas sized celebration of freedom firearms in the NRA with 14 acres of guns and gear Leaders say attendees will reflect on the school shooting and pledged to redouble their commitment to making schools secure Texas senator Ted Cruz and South Dakota governor Kristi Noem are expected to speak Texas governor Greg Abbott who was slated to attend will instead address the convention by pre recorded video Democrat beto o'rourke who's running for governor says he'll be attending protests outside the convention center Some speakers and performers have dropped out Texas senator John cornyn and congressman Dan Crenshaw are no longer attending and country singer Larry gatlin said he's come to believe background checks would be a step in the right direction NRA member Gary Francis traveled from Wisconsin to attend the meeting He said he opposes any gun control regulations in response to the shooting what happened there is obviously tragic

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