The Success of '2000 Mules' Continues


And every time a reporter from ABC and NBC and CBS are all the rest of them, say that's a lie. They're a liar because they don't know. You can't possibly know. What was done with the millions and millions of mail in ballots? The national Susan knows what was done with the portion of them, and that's the genesis of the movie 2000 in mules. There are 415 movie theaters around the country that are playing 2000 mules. Salem media group executive produced the movie. And as of now, the movie is still going to be in theaters today tomorrow and Wednesday. It looks like the movie is going to finish in the top ten or 11 of all the movies in America over the weekend, which is amazing, considering there were only 400 some theaters. Where 2000 meals was being played. Some of the top grossing movies had 4000 theaters. 2000 mules had 415. So, a huge success continuing,

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