A Brief History of the English-American Experiment With Bill Federer


Being the Americans, we kind of go into the private property direction, right? Yeah, so England tried a 15 year American experiment called the English Commonwealth. So the King Charles the first got defeated and 16 40 or so and got his head chopped off. In the glorious revolution. This is prior to that, but that is a key revolution in 1688. But this was like 1649 to 1660. It's called the English Commonwealth. It was an American experiment of a Commonwealth of covenant. They had no king. Oliver Cromwell refused to take the title of the king, he called himself lord protector. He did an okay job. He dies, his son, Richard, can't keep it together. And so William Penn's dad, sales he's an admiral. Sales over to Europe puts Charles the second on the throne brings him back and re Institutes the monarchy. And in exchange he gets in a state in Ireland and then he's a famous admiral and then of course his son found Pennsylvania. But so they had an American experiment for 15 years, but they brought the king back. America, because of a 3000 mile ocean, because Europe was the chessboard in America was sort of an afterthought. I mean, we lost money. It wasn't like Spanish gold anywhere. It was a loser. And because of that, the king said, look, just don't cost me any money and stay out of my hair. And so for almost a century and a half, the Americans got to practice self government, like training wheels. And that's the dilemma. We go into these countries, we get rid of Saddam Hussein. We give them a constitution identical to ours almost. And then one election cycle they vote in Sharia law. And we scratch our heads thinking gee, why didn't our farmer government work? It's like duh, they have an Islamic soil that you planted the seed in, where an America you had a predominantly judeo Christian soil. The Berlin Wall comes down. Help them set up governments almost identical to ours. It gets taken over the bly that black market, the mafia, the organized crime, we scratch our heads, thinking, why didn't it turn out like America? Well, you planted the seed in an atheistic soil. They had 70 years of atheism, right? And so it worked in America. You have seed and soil or form of governments like a genetically engineered seed, but you plant seeds in soil and the soil is a predominantly judeo Christian populace. Right. So that's why it worked in

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