Dinesh Examines the Implications of a Third Political Party


We all know that there's a good deal of political polarization in America, and it's often deplored as a bad thing. Wouldn't it be great if Americans could come together, but what is the way to respond to the polarization? Well, it turns out that there's a group of people and one or two in the democratic side and two or three on the Republican side. And they've decided that the solution is a new party. A third party, a centrist party that they call the forward political party. Well, it's kind of a weird name, first of all. And it sounds a little socialist to me. Doesn't like it, she goes, it sounds well, I mean, forward sounds a little bit like progressive. It sounds a little bit like, but I suppose what they would say is we're trying to find a way forward out of the polarization. Now, who's involved Andrew Yang now Andrew Yang is the tech nerd who ran for office. I think he ran for New York. And then he ran for mayor in 2021. And then he said, that's it. I'm out of the Democratic Party. Now that by itself is a good thing, but evidently Yang thinks that there is space for a new party and he's joined by some Republicans, although these are kind of has been former, old, establishment type of Republicans who are part of the, you know, the George H. W. Bush administration or the George W. Bush administration, so there is one guy who was part of the Trump administration, miles Taylor, a former Homeland Security official. And then David jolly, a former Republican congressman, a Christine Todd Whitman, a former Republican governor. Notice a common theme here, it's former. These are basically people who have lost office, can't really gain much traction, it seems like time has passed them by. They have no real constituency. So I think they kind of feel like if you put a bunch of losers together, you might get a winner by loser plus loser, plus loser equals winner, but generally loser plus loser plus loser equals three losers.

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