NY Rep. Lee Zeldin Discusses Attack at Campaign Event


Talk about your experience a week ago. I texted you as soon as I heard you up the next day, what is the latest? I know the New York authorities, local or sheriffs released the person who attacked you. How did it go down? Give us an update on everything that happened to you. The latest update is that over the weekend, the U.S. attorney's office charged this person and he was re arrested and he's currently being detained. That night, right after the attack had taken place, I was saying that we can't be seeing this attack or get released back out on the street due to cash flow, but I was predicting that it was something that would probably happen. It'd be wrong if it would happen, but that's New York's cash flow spare law for you. And ensure enough just hours later, he was released. New York's cash flows bail law is resulting in all sorts of stories all across the state where people are getting released from prison without any type of judicial discretion. We just had an issue a few weeks ago in New York where two Mexican cartel drug smugglers were busted with 1.2 million dollars worth of crystal meth and they were instantly rereleased back out on the street due to cash flow spell. I'm grateful for all the people who are thinking quick on their feet there Thursday evening. Instantly within a moment, jumped on stage, they subdued the attacker. I'm grateful to the Monroe county sheriff's office. They responded quickly. They were there within minutes and they were professionals. And fortunately, this didn't end up any worse than it did, but it was pretty nuts. What did happen?

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