Hunter Biden Reportedly Earned $11M From Foreign Business Deals


NBC. Analysis of Hunter Biden's hard drive proves $11 million in payments from China. And what are those two stories have to do with one another? You're trying to tell me that NBC would send a bunch of reporters to look through Hunter Biden's laptop to create a negative headline. If Democrats were doing super well right now, remember the entire probe criminally into Hunter Biden is nakedly political for the sole and intended purpose and fact to try to make Joe Biden removable. Now Joe Biden does have an insurance policy. Joe Biden's handlers were very smart in one way. You might say Charlie, what is that insurance policy? The insurance policy is not like the Peter struck stroke smirk or the Lisa page lover from the FBI. None of the insurance policy is that they decided to pick an even more unpopular person to become vice president. Which is if the regime wants to remove Joe Biden assail boy, we got to deal with the that's not good. The Biden team realized that the only thing less popular than Joe Biden. So they got a decision to make, they say, well, at least we can control Biden because hunter did crimes all across the world. NBC News, Hunter Biden's hard drive shows he his firm earned $11 million from 2013 to 2018. This is a common technique that is executed by deep state Democrats against politicians they don't like. Andrew Cuomo fell victim to this, Jesse Jackson junior fell coma to this. Fell victim to this. Rod Blagojevich fell victim to this. It is a common technique, which is to use all of the previously rumored criminal activity of a Democrat, bring it to the surface to try to get that Democrat to heal or to foose. Dog term I used yesterday to obey, and if they become politically un useful, which we just are showing their Joe Biden is so unpopular, you have a means of removing him or a means of making sure that he does not run for office.

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