The Gop Senate Race in Missouri Is Too Close to Lose


Byron, let's turn to primary day, because you follow this as well as anybody. Arizona and Michigan and Missouri. I'm urging people to vote for Eric Schmidt because the FrontRunner is an attorney general, he's experiencing a good senator and we can not allow it greatness to be nominated if you're a Republican. I know you're not a Republican partisan like I am. But if he is elected, Eric, if we lose that seat because he's a despicable human being. Yeah, you know, there was a astonishing story. In Politico, I think, about what took place on Sunday at Trump's golf course in New Jersey where they were finishing up this live golf tournament. Trump was the host as the owner of the course. And there's this big debate about who to endorse in Missouri, Eric Schmidt, or Eric riders. And each has his advocates and Trump is going back and forth and keeps saying, well, heck, they're both named Eric. Maybe I'll just endorse Eric. And then actually had somebody check to make sure that they were both spelled Eric with a C so that it would actually work. This is the level of thought that went into this endorsement. And then Trump does this cutesy. I endorse Eric in the Missouri primary, which is really making a joke or something that's really actually very serious. Because the Republicans could lose the Senate. Now it's tied 50 50 with operational control for the Democrats because of the vice president. But they could actually lose the Senate. They could lose Pennsylvania. They could lose Georgia. They could lose Missouri. I mean, this could happen. And so we've seen in the past, the past decade, what happens when you get really bad candidates? Did you lose? And candidate quality is the most important, more so than ideology or anything. The most important thing in politics and state level politics. So this is really, really important. I agree with you. This is

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