Tony Dow, big brother Wally on 'Leave it to Beaver,' dies


Leave it to beaver actor Tony Dow has died according to his art agent a day after Dao's death was prematurely reported on Facebook Dow was 77 I marches are a letter with the latest Phoebe Tony Dow was 12 when he was cast on leave it to beaver as WALL-E the older brother of Theodore beaver cleaver played by Jerry mathers While he had other roles Dow was so known for playing WALL-E that he reprised the role in the 1980s for the new leave it to beaver series Dao's later work as a sculptor was well regarded but he told the AP in 2012 it was hard to be taken seriously Dow announced in May he had been diagnosed with prostate and gallbladder cancer a Facebook post on Tuesday had reported his death but his wife and management said it had been announced in error

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