FDA Slaps Warning on Puberty Blockers



Another article from the daily wire, FDA officials warn of brain swelling, vision loss in minors using puberty blockers. PewDiePie blockers, I'm not going to be used to scientific work because I'm going to butcher it. It was at least put out there by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, earlier this month saying that drugs could cause brain swelling loss of vision and serious risk for children injecting the hormone. It's a particular hormone that's injected so that puberty can be blocked. So that if your mama is a child groomer and she wants you to be a boy and you a girl, they give you these puberty blockers so you don't develop as a girl. After puking. Why would you need puberty blockers if you were born this way? 'cause you don't need puberty blockers, these people are insane.

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