Larry Elder Talks About the 'Uncle Tom' Documentaries


Uncle Tom is all about the struggle of black conservatives throughout America from the time of slavery until right now that people like look at T Washington have always believed in hard work, accountability and becoming excellent. And his argument was that even in the face of racism, if you learn a skill, a job, a trade, as well as or better than somebody else, you will be rewarded because people want the best. They want cheap. They want good quality. They want things that work. When I was a kid, I used to spend summers, my moms ranch. And my mom, mom, farm, rather. My mom told me there was a black man who couldn't read or write, who was the best chimney maker in the south. And the way of determining a good chimney maker is somebody that does not order too many bricks because if you order too many, the guy that's ordering them has to pay for them and to make sure that Jimmy does not smoke. It's not leak. And she said he was always employed by all these white people that wouldn't invite him in for tea, but they'd invite him to their chimney because he was the best. And so there have been many examples of that. We explore that in Uncle Tom one about people that worked hard to learn the skills and learn trade even in the face of tremendous racism and Jim Crow still managed to succeed and to overcome. And then we talk about how this attitude has now been changed by these people like Jesse Jackson and Al sharpton and Patrice colors, the cofounder of Black Lives Matter, essentially telling black people that you're victims. Always victims. Eternal victims, if victims of systemic racism, enduring racism, foundational racism, to the point where it's changed the attitude of a lot of black people and the worst work ethic of a lot of black people and more importantly the family structure. With the welfare state, as I said, a million times, we've encouraged women to marry the government and we've encouraged men to abandon their financial and more responsibility. And now we have not a scandal, but a scandal and a crisis, Brandon, 85% of black 8th graders are neither mass nor reading proficient. 85%, that means 85% of black 8th graders are functionally illiterate. And the NAACP just had their annual convention and what are they talking about? Reproductive rights, voting rights, student debt, and police brutality. That's their agenda. And so if long as our so called black leaders are focusing on the wrong thing, the solution will forever be elusive.

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