The Left's Latest Gun Control Efforts With Rep. Louie Gohmert


This man right now, rep Louis gohmert. He's got half a million followers. I've retweeted the video that you've posted. It's about the Second Amendment. Really shocking footage coming out of Capitol Hill, not only do they want to take away our weapons congressmen. The Democrats have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to guns, do they? They really don't. And part of the legislation that they mentioned rimfire ammunition and I ask you guys even know what rem fire is. And they looked around and one of the staff handed them a note. Yeah, I think I know what it is. Well, anyway, they don't, and they are wrong about so many things. And you would think if you're going to be trying to take away a constitutional right that you would need to be right about what little you were trying to get right. But it is a dangerous situation and Sebastian, I know you, I know your knowledge of the world. I know how well versed you are in other nations rises and falls. And what we're looking at here that want to take away guns, they haven't been able to repeal the second amendment. So they came up with one way they could do that. And that is to make gun manufacturers liable for any criminal act with a gun. And I know that would put every gun manufacturer out of business.

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