The Evolution of US Race Relations With Project 21's Horace Cooper


Like to ask our guests, can you give us a diagnosis from that point in time, the 8 years of Obama, then the four years of my old boss president Trump and today, what has the evolution of race relations being in America? What is the trendline? What direction are they moving in? When Barack Obama said what he said, it was a code word. The left always talks about the right dog whistle. Yes. This was clearly a dog whistle. When he said acted stupidly, what he wanted to say and implied was racist. But you couldn't say that in 2008. Now I'm going to turn just really quick to a data point. Since 2008, every four years, fewer blacks have supported the left wing ticket nationally. In fact, since 2014, in every off year election, fewer blacks have supported the left wing ticket. What do those black Americans know? Our president, mister Obama, was the first in a hundred years to be successfully reelected while receiving fewer black votes than he did the first time. That didn't happen to Ronald Reagan. He received more, that didn't happen to George W. Bush. He received more that didn't happen to any other president if you successfully were elected. You got reelected. You got more black people. You did the first time. And it's precisely because these policies don't actually work.

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