What Is the Future of the 'Blind' BLM? Horace Cooper Weighs In


So what is the future in that case? We saw the demonstration of the weekend that young man who fired into a woman's home with the two children there, 6 hour standoff with the police, finally he's killed. BLM comes outside that woman's house protests raised $15,000. The woman who was almost killed with her children comes out and screams him and them saying, this wasn't George Floyd, this man wasn't unarmed. What is the future of BLM? If they're so blind, that they're raising money for armed individuals who almost killed two small children, is their future a waning future or will they remain this separating wound in race relations? Okay, BLM was never an entity or an outworking of black America. If you wanted to get as many mansions and villas as possible, that would have been a good group to be connected with. But in terms of actually trying to improve the lot of black America, BLM has never been apart to that. And black America has increasingly recognized this. Got another data point. If you read my books, what you see is I don't just make the assertion. I show you the examples are the data. There are on social media that's Twitter that's TikTok, I guess, the communist control Doc. That's Facebook. There are 600,000 blacks who reject left wing views, and they post about this every single day. That 600,000 has always existed. That's just the 600,000 that's willing to post. The difference is, 15 years ago, 30 years ago, 40 years ago, it wasn't easy for that group to communicate. Right. Now, Americans are seeing everywhere that there are dissenters

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