Capitol Police Fire Back After Colbert Nine Released Without Charges


Look at the corrupt United States department of injustice Look at the corrupt U.S. attorney graves Oh he's not corrupt then what is he What is he The blaze capitol police chief fires back If the U.S. attorney refuses to charge Stephen Colbert's staff arrested a capital office building rights Chris and low How come How come I mean they throw a very wide net on people they're charging old women who have cancer treatment What if you're from Hollywood and you work with Steven coper the U.S. attorney in Washington D.C. graves who has a Democrat hack just like his wife That's right pal And Garland the U.S. attorney general The United States Capitol police revealed new details today alleging Stephen Colbert's staffers repeatedly disobeyed instructions from capitol police officers prior to their arrest repeatedly The news came one day after the U.S. attorney's office declined to charge the staffords From the capitol police referred to as the Colbert 9 Capitol police chief J Thomas manger explained in a letter the production crew was arrested in the longworth House office building After a staffer for representative Jamal Bowman Democrat New York secured his office and called the United States Capitol police emergency phone number To report a disturbance outside the office next to Bowman's That office belonged to representative Lauren boebert Republican Colorado why were they there Because you're a bunch of cheap punks

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