President Biden and the Big COVID Lie


Have the founder. The medical doctor of the physician who was the founder of America's frontline doctors. It's where I sent you folks if you wanted to try to get Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine and zinc. Both of which I took for about a year, I've had COVID twice. And I had the delta, which was supposedly and was serious in many cases, and I had the omicron, which is, in my case, it was a mild cold. I have enough antibodies to actually offer them as a gift to those who would like. She and I met at a rally for a freedom that you can't tell people. You will be fired from your job if you don't take a vaccine. That obviously doesn't work. I'd like you to hear doctor gold, I'd like you to hear what the president of the United States who now has COVID said a year ago. You're okay. You're not going to you're not going to get COVID if you haven't. These vaccinations. Yeah. So would you and I'm perfectly fine with whatever answer you have. Would you characterize that as a lie? 100% lie. We had Rachel wolinski, how did they see saying the same thing? But you couldn't get it. We had to sustain the same thing. They all said it. There was no way they didn't know why. I'm not a scientist, but I'm a bedside condition, so when you read the applications of the Pfizer Moderna applications in December of 2020, when they were authorized, they clearly stated they did not stop transmission all it did was reduce the severity of the symptoms, the problem with that is that it's the least able to cause a weekly vaccine in the middle of a respiratory pandemic. You will just encourage the creation of variants and that's exactly what we see

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