U.S. Senate Overwhelmingly Votes to Expand NATO


United States Senate of a vote of 95 to one senator Holly being the only objector have now decided to expand NATO. This is done with zero understanding. I'm sure some senators understand this, but zero understanding of how Russia views NATO and the expansion of NATO. So if you actually wanted to weaken Vladimir Putin, you would be doing the opposite of what we're doing. You know that the ruble is more is a stronger currency than it has been the last couple of years since the invasion. The petrodollar is stronger than ever before, Putin's popularity is higher than ever before, and they have more resolved domestically in Russia than ever before. We have strengthened Vladimir Putin by doing everything we've done in Ukraine. And we were early warnings against this. But you see, we were promised false promises, we were promised I should say false actions by the American leadership class, that if we get involved in Ukraine, we can easily deter Vladimir Putin. Even though the eastern part of Ukraine, they want to be under Russian control. They

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