Nancy Pelosi Elbows Mayra Flores' Daughter During Photo Op


I think it was at the swearing in ceremony of Myra Flores? This amazing young woman in South Texas who came out of nowhere and for the first time in over a hundred years, won this particular congressional district. She's a rock rib conservative. She's a fighter. She's spunky. She's pretty amazing. So I guess at the swearing in ceremony, there's Pelosi, of course, who's forced to swear her in. And I kid you not Pelosi is standing there next to Myra Flores as little daughter. And Pelosi looks down and is annoyed at her and elbows the little girl out of the way. You got to see this. Do we have audio with it or is it just B roll, Derek? Okay, listen to this. Cut ten. Let me play this clip. And give you the intent because Pelosi took to the podium after the roe V wade decision was announced. I would say good morning, but it's not a good morning. I'll get you my little pretty and your little dog too. I mean, she was livid. Livid. And she took it out on a little girl, throwing an elbow, Derek, you gotta, we gotta get my Flores back. Just to talk about this, here's cut ten, I'll narrate if you don't have your smartphone or you're not by your laptop or your computer where you can see this video. We want our faster to come into the future. I mean, she literally elbows this little girl the two beautiful smiley little girls there in these little white dresses, these little angels, and this, I'm sorry, which looks down at the girl and gives her an elbow,

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