The Economy Is What's Driving Voters to the Polls


Right now as it stands, Donald Trump is the FrontRunner in my mind. He's the front ready for president. I'm sick of the drama that surrounds Donald Trump because of these leftist dickies. He can't stand them. I'm sick of them crying every day about him. But at the end of the day, I still want him to be the president. Now I will say that there's people that I've talked to in the lounge and people that are Democrats and never trumpers and they said that they'll vote for desantis and they wouldn't vote for Donald Trump. I want to know what you guys think about that. We posed this question on the show before, but I really want to know what you guys think if you want to call in and give some insight. We did a poll on my YouTube channel. And I'm going to look it up so I can get the accurate and accurate number of how many people actually participated in the poll, let me see community tab, look at the poll. We did a poll, it says, who do you want? To be the chosen Republican candidate to run for president in 2024. We had a 127,000 people participate in the poll. Obviously, 100%, maybe 99% of these people are conservative. But 55% of people said they wanted Donald Trump. 40% said they wanted Ron DeSantis. We did another. We did a few other polls on here. Just so you guys could be aware of what the people are thinking, especially on the YouTube channel. And these are significant amount of people on a poll. I mean, all of these are over 100,000 people polled. One of the things was, and I know some of you guys may have comments about this. What issue do you think would drive voters to the poll most in this year's midterm election? Gun laws, apportioned economy, social issues, other. 90% of people said that the economy, inflation gas prices and stocks. 90% out of a 153,000 people, they voted that the biggest thing that's going to make them turn out in the midterms is the economy.

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