Thailand makes marijuana legal, but smoking discouraged


Thailand's decision to allow the cultivation and possession of marijuana has come into effect as people around the country celebrate Cheers erupt as the first customer at the highland cafe enters the shop on the day that marijuana has officially become legal Ritu Peng bakul told the AP he's proud to be the first customer to now be able to buy cannabis at the cafe I can say it out loud that I'm a cannabis smoker I don't need to hide it like in the past when it was branded an illegal drug Now you can see the law is no longer in narcotic It's been delisted Thailand has become the first nation in Asia to decriminalize the drug for medical and industrial use In fact Thailand's public health minister plans to distribute 1 million marijuana seedlings We should know how to use cannabis if we have the right awareness cannabis is like gold something valuable and should be promoted However tourists should proceed cautiously as making in public could still be considered a nuisance subject to a potential three month jail sentence and $780 fine I am Karen

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