Ari Fleischer: If Credibility Was Their Business, the Media Would Be Different


You know I know we have had you on before and we've kind of touched on this But why do they not care I mean it is still a business You do have to get clicks and some still sell traditional newspapers It's still a business It's not a charity despite the government's efforts to try to make it a government entity Don't they see that people just don't trust them I mean they have to see the polls you and I see where less than 10% of Republicans take these people seriously anymore They've got to understand that credibility is their business and it's just getting flushed down the toilet If credibility was their business the media would be very different The activism unfortunately has become their business Look when I stood at that podium and you were a Secret Service agent it was a different world Back then the media was still liberal We all knew that but they would at least tell you their job was to be objective and be fair Most mainstream media have now thrown that out the window They enjoy being activists They enjoy being retweeted retweeted by a Hollywood star They enjoy the number of followers they have They want to get a contract with MSNBC or CNN Why else would CNN allow its anchors It's reporters to go on the air and just launch opinion after opinion Because journalism is no longer about telling the people what's going on it's become activists for a cause And that cause became figuring out fixing fixing what the American people did in 2016 when they chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton the press said that Trump was a threat to the republic and they needed to save the republic to hell with objective journalism And they became activists and I have so many chapters and some of the examples in my book especially at The New York Times where this younger class younger generation of social warriors have taken over newsrooms older reporters really don't know what to do with this But younger reporters don't even believe in objectivity and talent two sides of a story anymore

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