The Disturbing Revelations From Deborah Birx's New Book


Deborah birx. You remember in Deborah birx. She was a kind of, along with Fauci, the most visible face of the CDC in the immediate aftermath of COVID. And Deborah Brooks has a new book out, and she also has been doing some medium with the book. Now the book was in itself has some disturbing revelations. At one point, Deborah works in the book. Admits that she got data and she says that she devised a quote strategic slight of hand in other words, a tactical mechanism of deceit, in fact she even uses the word subterfuge. At one point she writes quote, this wasn't the only bit of subterfuge I had to engage in. So she is manipulating the data, both to get around other people in the Trump administration and specifically Scott Atlas, who was the coronavirus czar, if you will. But she's also manipulating the data to exercise greater control over what the American public does. She's trying to get the American public to do things where if she will forthright with the data, they may not want to do.

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