Joel Gilbert and Eric Discuss One of the Democrats' Biggest Lies


You actually care about the black underclass in the inner cities in America, you would never ever, ever vote for a Democrat. This is the irony is that the Democrats have somehow been successful in selling the lie that they care about these people when the reality is. And this is the history of the Democratic Party going back to when they were, they were the pro slavery party in the 19th century. Obviously Lincoln rose up first Republican to stand against them. All through their history, they really have been the actual racists, but they have because of principally because of Lyndon Johnson in 65. They've been able to sell themselves as the party that cares for the poor people that cares for the people of color in the inner cities. And you're telling me, again, that we have tons of evidence that the opposite is the case. It's kind of amazing. I'm sorry that most Americans don't know this, but we need to know this. Yeah, well, what they've developed really since the 80s is the very racist idea that if they put as a frontman, someone who looks like them, another black person that black people will assume that the black person on the Democrat party ticket would have their interests and have their back. It's always proving the opposite. Barack Obama did nothing for minorities. Black people. He had to invoke race and drum up the Trayvon Martin thing in 2012 because blacks were even then not on board to vote for Obama again. So this is the concept that they pushed is let's get someone who's a frontman and that's what Michelle Obama did for the University of Chicago medical center. They hired her to keep blacks out of the emergency room because some of them didn't have insurance.

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