Bob Cesca Is Unsurprised by Enraging Day 4 of the Jan 6th Hearings


Just give us your general impression of yesterday. Oh, well, not surprised at all. As much as I'm enraged by the stories that were told yesterday about the physical intimidation, shoving into people's homes and things like that, the phone calls, the obvious racism that was confronted by shame Austin and lady ruby. Just outrageous. And but at the same time, not surprising. The Republicans have been leading us down this road for years. I've been tracking the personal nature of Republican attack dogs for going back into the George W. Bush administration. I mean, if you look at how Jesse watters on Fox News channel, for example, made a name for himself on that network, was confronting what I consider to be non combatants, people who don't participate in the political debate who don't have media training and his whole shtick was to confront those people in their driveways or at their place of business or high school principals, teachers, educators, where he was stalking and confronting them on camera. One of the most atrocious examples of that is when he went around, I think it was union station in New York City, harassing homeless people

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