Where Are the Sane Dem Thought Leaders? Bryan Dean Wright Explains


Served in the intelligence community. You've trained the IC members of the military. You know the swamp very, very well. I have to ask you the question I ask the Republican politicians who come on this show. Have you met today? Because I can't see it. You can say I'm in my conservative talk show host bubble, but I'm trying to find those Democrat thought leaders, members of Congress, whatever media types you want to classify the matters, who are sane, who you can have a discussion with or who are prepared to say, you know what Ilhan Omar did yesterday or the faking of the handcuffs by AOC or Maxine waters saying literally screw the Supreme Court. We're going to resist. Have you found people who are prepared to voice a little bit of dissent with their own political click? No, and I'll tell you, before I left the Democratic Party, the one of the things that I was writing about, and I was making phone calls and emails saying, look, you all are more conservative or even moderate Democrats, you are going to be run out of office. So if for no other reason for your own political survival, stand up to these people, radical elements of the Democratic Party. And they didn't. So I'll tell you in Oregon, my home state. There was a representative who had been there for many years. I think Schrader Schroeder is his name. Well, he got tossed out by a more radical member of his own party. And so you see that throughout the country, they are being tossed aside by the more radical elements, and they should have years ago taken the advice of most of us who are like, you are losing the party and you're going to lose the country because you deserve it. You're not standing up for sanity for this country and you're letting the more radical elements the violent elements and fundamentally the anti American elements of the left rise up. So they're paying the price. And frankly, they should.

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