Is the Scandalous Biden Family Untouchable?


The hearing when Christopher wray goes in front of the Senate? Is that Thursday? As did this Thursday, two days from now. To tell you the truth, I'm not holding my breath that he'll do anything other than what the FBI always does, which is to sell. We can't comment on an ongoing investigation. Yeah, I mean, I got to give the Biden's credit. They have a diversified portfolio of scandals. It's amazing. Every possible country region of the world industry walk of life, family member is involved in this. And so they are going to come under pressure from the Senate, but I think there is some cynicism, though, Miranda, that our audience has, and you've done a phenomenal job in your book, laptop from hell, which is how much is it actually going to take that just hold one of these people accountable? Or are we really in this moment where there's the untouchable class, regardless of how gross and disgusting and flagrant your crimes are, if your last name happens to be Biden or Clinton or Obama, you're largely untouchable. What are your thoughts on that? Well, look, I mean, I share some of that cynicism. And of course, the influence peddling racket that Joe Biden was the past master of is a bipartisan disease in Washington. It's really corrosive. Damaging as we can see now to our national security. And on the plus side, the Republicans telling me in the house in whether it's James coma, Jim Jordan, a whole lot of them are very rare doing a lot of work right now to get on top of the information. They're talking to witnesses. Whistleblowers are coming forward, they give them a car, it's told them to be aggressive when it comes to the Hunter Biden material. So they will be having hearings. They will be subpoenaing witnesses. They will have subpoena power in the house. I'm presuming they take back the house, which follows the show and they will. So that will at least bring more information to life. But

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